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1941-44 Autograph Book - Signed by 12 Deceased HOF'ers

Model#: AUBOOK-1941to44

Regular price - $3,500, SALE PRICE - $2,500

This 5X3.5 autograph book contains 23 pencil signatures (on 4 pages) from the 1941-42 Stanley Cup Champion Maple Leafs including HOF'ers Gordie Drillon (deceased - 1986), Turk Broda (1972), Sweeney Schriner (1990), Conn Smythe (1980), Hap Day (1990), and Syl Apps (1998). Also Kampman (twice), Hamilton, Goldup, McCready, Carr, Langelle (twice), Dickens, McDonald, Don and Nick Metz, Taylor, Bastien, Goldham, and Stanowski, as well as Powers (ref). There are 13 green ink signatures on two pages from the 1943 Red Wings including HOF'ers Syd Howe (deceased - 1976) and Bill Quackenbush (1999), as well as Kane, Normie Smith, Lynn, Liscombe, Bruneteau, Jennings, Brown, D. Smith, Carveth, Jackson, and Egan. Finally, there are 13 green ink signatures over two pages from the 1943-44 Blackhawks, including HOF'ers Bill Mosienko (deceased - 1994), Earl Seibert (1990), Clint Smith (2009), and Doug Bentley (1972). Also signed by coach Paul Thompson, Dahlstrom, Gottselig, Purpur, Campbell, Johnson, March, Highton, Allen, plus one unknown signature.

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