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Frozen Pond Grab Bag Toronto Edition 5.0


Frozen Pond Grab Bag - Toronto Edition

There will be 150 “Toronto Edition” Grab Bags available at $49 each. Once packaged, we will not know their contents and they will be sold randomly.

Each bag will contain a minimum of $75 (retail*) worth of autographed sports memorabilia featuring past and present Toronto athletes. All will contain at least one HOF’er or current/retired star or superstar.

  • 1 bag will contain a replica Maple Leaf Gardens sign autographed by members of the 1967 Leafs (retail - $450)
  • 1 bag will contain a Jeff O’Neill autographed pro jersey (retail - $379)
  • 1 bag will contain a Kelly Gruber autographed jersey (retail - $249)
  • 2 bags will contain a Josh Donaldson autographed baseball (retail - $199)
  • 2 bags will contain a David Price autographed baseball (retail - $199)
  • 2 bags will contain a Joe Carter autographed Rogers Centre original seat back (retail - $199)
  • 2 bags will contain a Jonas Gustavsson autographed goalie stick (retail - $169)
  • 3 bags will contain 1980’s Blue Jays multi-signed items (retail - $150)

Randomly inserted players include lomar, F. Andersen, G. Anderson, Arbour, Barfield, Bathgate, Baun, G. Bell, Borders, Bosh, Bower, Canseco, W. Clark, Corson, R. Courtnall, Duff, Ellis, Fernandez, Gardiner, Gaston, Gilmour, Gruber, Guzman, Hyman, Ismail, Joseph, Kaberle, R. Kelly, T. Kennedy, Keon, Kessel, Komarov, Lawrie, Leeman, Lindros, Lupul, F. Mahovlich, McGriff, Meeker, Mogilny, Molitor, Morris, Moseby, Olerud, O’Neill, Palmateer, Pappin, Phaneuf, M. Pronovost, Pulford, Rielly, G. Roberts, Salming, Shack, Sittler, A. Stanley, D. Stewart, Stieb, Stroman, S. Thomas, Tucker, Upshaw, Vaive, van Riemsdyk, Valanciunas, D. White, Zaitsev, Zaun, etc.

Signed items include photos, pucks, cards, balls, bats, sticks, and jerseys. All signed “Toronto” items in our inventory have the potential to be included. This comprises past and current Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, and Argonauts (mostly Leafs and Blue Jays).

All Grab Bag purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges. *For the purpose of this promotion, all SALE priced items will have their values calculated using standard retail pricing.

Price: $49.00 CDN
($39.20 U.S.)
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